Shape of Time – Choreographic Invervention

Improvisational Collaboration with Multiple Dancers:


Individual Sketch Documentation Video:

Concept Statement:

According to modern physics, the universe starts from a singularity. After the big bang, time starts counting and matters start to form. In a 3 dimension world, time is a shapeless concept that goes towards one direction. However, in some theory, time is tangible and can be manipulated. The tangible and intangible form of time is also perceivable as the relationship between mind and matter as well.

The Shape of Time is a choreographic intervention piece that is inspired by the mind-body dualism. It forms a meditative experience for the audience to see the interaction between a dancer and the visuals. It is meant to give different experience depending on the audience’s point of view.  The entire piece is consist of 4 chapters.

1st Chapter: Extracting Time from the Nothingness

At the very beginning, from darkness, an outreaching terrain field indicating a wormhole appears. The dancer gradually extracts herself out from the center of the field as if the mind is trying to form an actual body.

2nd Chapter: Defining the Shape of a Body

The terrain field gradually split out into randomized particles. The particles are attracted to the dancer as if there is a gravitational force on one hand of the dancer. The particles will follow and surround the dancer like a DNA spiral as she moves her body and her position in the space. This is indicating the development of her tangible body.

3rd Chapter: The Splitting and Mutating

After the dancer has formed a body, an avatar splits from her body indicating the 2 different forms of time: tangible and intangible. The avatar is an abstract Kinect skeleton of the dancer. And then both of the dancer and the avatar starts to dance on their own and each drawing on the wall and the floor.

Ending: Disappearance

The dancer and her avatar will try to come together for a harmonious coexisting relationship. After some tensions of pulling and attracting, they finally come together. The painting on the wall and floor both shatters into particles and eventually disappears.


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