A Study of Entropy

Arts relying on the beautiful accidents

Designing for Digital Fabrication Midterm Project
Group project by Effy Fan & Huiyi Chen



The Progress

We accidentally discovered that mylar needles attached to a stretchy string can have very beautiful behaviors and random but surprising movements. Especially when pulling the string, rotating the string, blowing wind at it, and reflecting light.



How to mass produce this:

To let the needles stay in place after cutting them from the big sheet of mylar, we print one skewer together by leaving a line connecting every needle.

But the laser doesn’t do what we want.


Mass produce the mylar needles with the vinyl cutter.

Quick, nice and clean



Glue them to the string one by one


Glue them to the string together


Finally done with glueing and cutting.

This video is showing how hard it is to put the string through the tiny hole in the acrylic.

Getting the first one placed into the box successfully.


Adding lightings.

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