Interactive Game: Human vs. Demons

Human vs. Demons

Group project with Yiyao Nie


This project is inspired by human beings’ struggles with the demons inside us.

With an artistic approach of physical representation and a sound and scene environment, this project allows the users to enjoy the playful interaction and feel their struggles being released. The experience is to through a 3D printed ball at the target and get responses both on LED strips, the sound, and the demons on the screen.


Making Progress:

Flex sensor and RGB LED strip:

Set up Arduino and breadboard:

Arduino IDE PWM analog input and output:

Sensor to LED strip test:

Enclose everything:

Make it stand alone:

3D print a ball:

Finished target box:


Arduino IDE asynchronous serial communication & P5 Javascript coding:

We used P5 image and sound library to build our game scene and connected it with the Arduino serial port to get real-time sensor data. The player now can get effects on the game scene through interacting with the physical part of the project.

See the complete code here:


Finished work demo gif:




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