Face Your Fear Through VR: Unreal Engine, Immersive Sound Design

When I first moved to New York City, everything is exciting but there is one thing I cannot overcome: the fear of rats, cockroaches, and the dirtiness in general. Therefore, when I am about to create a VR project with Unreal Engine and immersive sound experience, I chose to create a world that I am fearful of, and see if it will help me overcome my fear.

Please put headphones on for better spatial sound experience.

The scene is basically a dark box where New York City usually places trash bins in. It is set to be on a lower level of ground between buildings.


The Experience Narrative:

1. Hearing sound cues


2. Entering the space


3. Experience the immersive space with sound and visual effects


4. Overcome my fear

Immersive spatial sound design is the main focus of this project. I experimented many different types design for sound in space, which include ambient sound, multi channel sound, 360 ambisonic spatial sound, triggered sound based on location and more.

Sound sources are edited with Reaper and Spatial Workstation.

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