Project Description:

Mycophilia is an interactive installation that mimics the mycelium network and uses it as a metaphor to indicate how human beings can share information and distribute resources more efficiently.

The mycelium network system among fungus communicate with each other about resources and needs. They help distribute nutritions the plants need within the eco system. Waste of resource is a huge problem human beings are facing. There is a big opportunity where we can learn from the fungus in order to design a more efficient communication system. “Mycophilia” is a project that utilized serial communication between processing, Leap Motion, Projection Mapping and the Arduino, to form an experience that takes the users to a journey of appreciating the beauty of the mycelium network.

Prototype Process:

Concept development:

Radialab Podcast “From Tree to Shining Tree”:

“Mycophilia” by Eugenia Bone

After the play testing, I decided to use Leap Motion instead of Kinect or distance sensors for capturing user’s interaction.

I have no experience with processing. However, since it is the primary language that most people use to control Leap Motion graphics, I choose to challenge myself with this new language.  Here is the example codes I am going to use:

With variables including “hand”, “finger” and “bones”, Leap Motion allows me to play with 20 points of each hand.

My concept is the fascinating fungus network of resource distribution. I will used different hand gestures to represent “finding”  and “giving” resources:

Fungus Network Pattern (Laser Cutter Etched Acrylic)

Shadow and Reflection of the Pattern and Tubes for Wire Enclosure 

Made a soldering tutorial as I go:

Preparing Arduino and Breadboard

I chose to use Morel mushrooms because they are delicious!

3D Printing Mushrooms took overnight to finish printing

3D printed mushrooms vs. real mushrooms




“Mycophilia” was featured in the ITP 2017 Winter Show Highlight – See This Project at 5’26”

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