Data Viz for Social Engagement: The Collective Mood


“The Collective Mood” aims on having the users evaluate their mood on a daily basis and visualizing the average mood state of a group that creates a generative art piece. This project will raise awareness about mental health for individuals in a high stress level environment, see how peers’ can help improving the mood of each other, and ultimately bring better understandings of the mood trend over time.


  1. Have people evaluate their mood everyday.
  2. Raise awareness about mental health.
  3. Visualize the mental status of a group.
  4. Help individuals or groups to better understand the mood trend over time.


  1. Everyone of the group check in once everyday.
  2. Keep the answer private.
  3. Hide other people’s answer before you answer, therefore the input is more independent.
  4. Show the average score and previous input as a reward of participating.

Potential Users:

My prototype users: ITPers

  1.  Schools
  2.  Enterprises
  3.  Events
  4.  Tourists
  5.  etc…
Input Data
Input Data
See the Result

The progress:




Interface link:

My intension is to install this interface to a public space for a certain group of people to input their mood. On December 7th 2017, I put the interface up in front of the elevator where people enter and exit ITP and recorded how people interact with it. Here is the documentation video:

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