Fungus Among Us

A short documentation of the growth of our mycelium.


I have been amazed by the fascinating things that mycelium can do. But the readings gave me more surprising discoveries about mycelium and fungus.

Reading Responds:

“Mycelium Running” – Paul Stamets

Click to access paul-stamets-mycelium-running-how-mushrooms-can-help-save-the-world.pdf


The idea that mycelium can be selected and trained to break down toxic waste, reducing it to harmless metabolites really struck me. I think I was so fascinated by the intelligent of fungi and forgot about its nature of being an organism. If we can combine its intelligence with its ability to improve the health of the environment by filtering water, helping trees to grow in forests and plants to grow in gardens and controlling insect pests, nothing is impossible for mycelium.


Final Presentation Idea:

This is a force directed graph that shows the relationship between different countries ITP students are from based on the unemployment rate of each country. I made the network looks like a mycelium network intentionally as a metaphor to human society. For my final, I wish to grow real mycelium as a screen and projection map this force graph on it.

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