Magic Windows Mixed Realities: Unity + Vuforia & ARkit

NYU ITP Spring 2018



 Virtual Weather in Real Environment

This project is to visualize the current weather environment of another city where the user is not presented but has a connection with. I used New York, Beijing, and Paris as examples.

Augmented current weather condition is based on the API and realized with Unity + Vuforia. The primary target users of this project are long distance couples. Showing the real-time weather condition and information of different cities around the world contrasting the user’s actual surrounding environment creates a powerful visual experience.

There are two interactive ways of getting the weather of the city you want to show on your phone. One is simply typing in the city name, while the other is to focus on a postcard of the city(an image target).







Other Projects:


Exploring ARKit with button prefab and animation


AR Storytelling

This series shows the evolution of world traveling methods in the history of international students going to the western world from the east. From ships, to plane, to SpaceX.


First attempt to augmented reality


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